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There are many parts in the interior of the house ready for artistic ideas and on the perfect utilization of them through designing contribute a breathtaking house.First I was a little bit confused on choosing a topic for this first blog but got a clarity after looking at the shelves. Many people prefer closed shelves and do you know why? Because of the fear of dust and of course to hide things that can decrease the household beauty. But for a change why not use open shelves in the particular parts of the house? By using little modern designs and creativity these open shelves will add more glamour to your house. So let's see few open shelves designs and don't forget to share your opinion at the end of the blog.
Tree Shelves:
As you can see in the image the shelf is designed in the shape of a tree and you can use this design either in a living room or in a study room. It is a combination loved by both nature lovers and bookworms. These shelves should be built on a dark background to grab the immediate attention of the onlookers.
Crate shelves:
Want to create your own little conservatory? Then just use wooden crates of vegetables which are easily available in the markets. Stack them up against the wall creating vertical and horizontal shelves. You can fill these shelves with plants and utilities creating a rustic look.
Floating Shelves:
You can create these floating shelves by using wooden planks and a strong rope. They bring an ideal look to your home. First, decide if you want a single floating shelf or multiple floating shelves and buy the wood according to the need. Usually, multiple floating racks are created by drilling holes in centre and sides to tie the thread, whereas for a single floating you just need to drill on sides and tie knots at holes after passing the rope. These are some simple ideas to make your home look different from others and never hesitate to add a personal touchup to make it more welcoming.

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