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When we see children playing on swings and hear their cries of joy it usually reminds us our childhood and sweet memories. So why not make this memory a part of our home? As these days everything is possible with the help of a professional interior designer. So now let's see some of the modern and affordable swings that not only refresh you memory lane but make you travel back.
Replica of Tire Swings:
These custom-made swings can be made up of metal or wood. Small or large seating arrangement can be made depending on the request of the client. You can read a book enjoying nature in these circular tree swings. Also, make your own affordable DIY tire swing which are not only comfortable but adds an earthy look to your home.
Suspending Pods:
These symbolic pods are made to create a familial environment.They can suspend in mid-air with a proper stand or to a tree. More than three people can occupy this pod at once as the pod is strong enough to withstand their weight. They are available with different characteristics and features but can be a little expensive.
Handmade Leaf:
Carved out of wood this handmade leaf design is a perfect swing for both children and adults. Other than its eminent design it gives a natural look to your outdoors. Enjoy the fresh air on a sunny day under a tree on this handmade leaf swing.
Swing Chair:
Handcrafted hammock chairs in Provincial, Bohemian, Nicaraguan, etc., styles made with different organic materials are now easily available in the market. Based on the decor and your necessity choose a perfect hammock chair to enjoy a book on a breezy day.

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